Most of the manufacturing equipment in the manufacturing industry requires the use of air compressors to control automated machinery and equipment. Such as CNC lathes, CNC milling machines. In the production process, compressed air can directly contact with most products without harming the product. For example, in a turning factory, use an air gun to spray iron chips on the turned workpiece. The air compressor will also be used in lifting and transportation related operations. The air compressor can raise or lower items, such as cranes and pneumatic chain cranes.
These industrial air compressors and dryers are increasing rapidly in the course of industrialization.
Air compressors in construction-related aspects require large amounts of power due to the need for drilling, and pneumatic drills. The transportation of mixed soil also needs to be transmitted by the power generated by the air compressor. When performing underground operations, air compressors are also required to send air to the underground space to achieve the effect of ventilation.
In the decoration industry, direct air compressors are usually used to complete decoration, painting, carpentry, etc., usually with pneumatic tools such as nail guns and paint guns.

We are committed to the development of gas filter cartridges
For natural gas power generation
Core material: spiral louver, carbon steel
Core coating: glass fiber imported from the United States
Surface covering: knitted cotton jacket
Filtration accuracy: can remove dust and impurities above 3 microns, and the efficiency is above 99.5%
Core strength: at least greater than 25Psi compressive strength
This product complies with the relevant testing unit of ISO 17025: the textile industry research institute
Performance test report.
Engineering filtration and separation skid:
Dolomann provides customized, fully packaged units that can be
Equipped with various PECO filtration equipment, as well as instruments and valves
Doors, pipes, electrical, insulating materials, etc. to prepare on site
use immediately.