In the food processing industry, food delivery operations can be carried out by the pneumatic generated by the air compressor, such as some powdered foods (milk powder, coffee powder, etc.), because the air needs to be in contact with the food, in order to avoid the air quality It affects food and ultimately the health of consumers. Therefore, effective air purification system must be used to maintain the air quality during transmission. The power generated by the air compressor can also be used to complete the packaging, transportation, bottling and other operations of the automated machine tool.
When making the bottles, high-pressure blowing is required to complete the production of the bottles, and the high-pressure gas source is generated by the air compressor. The generated high-pressure gas will directly contact the inside of the bottles, so an effective air purification system must be used to produce clean high-pressure gas without oil and gas.

Patent number:I663374

The catalyst-catalyzed oil-free sterile equipment developed by Dolomanncontains the core technology of oil-free purification and the catalytic reaction system device as the design basis, so that the compressed air can reach the level of oil-free and sterile medical grade.
By using precious metal catalysts to catalyze the air, the air can be more clean and purified. The instant activation of the oxidation time reaction can completely destroy viruses, bacteria, and cell walls to achieve 100% sterilization!
After low-temperature filtration and separation, it is more in line with ISO8573.1[1] compressed air quality standards. This equipment is the best equipment to ensure oil-free, water-free, energy saving and carbon reduction, and it is also a good choice for factories.