Medical Treatment

Faced with different needs in the medical industry, choose a variety of different air compressors.
Oil-free air compressor
There are many medical equipment in the hospital that need to be driven by air compressors, and oil-free air compressors can provide oil-free clean compressed air quality, which can protect expensive medical precision instruments and medical equipment, and can also avoid oil pollution. Blocking and destruction.
In the medical-related test rooms, the control of the air is also very researched. When conducting experiments, it may explode due to the oil and gas in the air, putting yourself in a dangerous environment. The Oil-free purification system can provide colorless, odorless, oil-free, clean and dry air, to ensure that no oil and gas exists in the test room, to protect laboratory personnel and improve the safety of the test room.

Patent number:I663374

The catalyst-catalyzed oil-free sterile equipment developed by Dolomanncontains the core technology of oil-free purification and the catalytic reaction system device as the design basis, so that the compressed air can reach the level of oil-free and sterile medical grade.
By using precious metal catalysts to catalyze the air, the air can be more clean and purified. The instant activation of the oxidation time reaction can completely destroy viruses, bacteria, and cell walls to achieve 100% sterilization!
After low-temperature filtration and separation, it is more in line with ISO8573.1[1] compressed air quality standards. This equipment is the best equipment to ensure oil-free, water-free, energy saving and carbon reduction, and it is also a good choice for factories.