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  • Italy brand / Germany imported elements • Differential pressure indicator pin. Accurate indication of differential pressure, reminding to replace filter element • Oil-resistant O-ring. No air […]
  • Patented products. Violators will be prosecuted.                                 Patent No.:I550245 Up to […]
  • Taiwan’s first professional R&D manufacturer of air compressor and vacuum filter. Possessing strong background of filtering technology, rich experience and unique R&D experimental institution. We develop […]
  • The best replacement of oil-free compressors Patent No. : M293077 1.Enhance the quality of compressed air:        The oil, water and impurities which were […]
  • An air filter (that is, a short-term air filter) is installed in front of the intake pipe to filter out dust and sand in the air […]
  • Germany imported glass fiber The outer condensed layer of the filter element adopts spray-bonded cotton, which has the advantages of high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. […]
  • The main function of the oil filter is to filter the hydraulic oil and control the cleanliness of the oil. The oil filter is an accessory […]
  • The oil mist filter is used to separate the oil smoke according to the principle of filtration(condensation and separation). The Germany imported fiber filter material is […]
  • Installing an air-water separator before the compressed air filter and dryer equipment can remove 99% of the liquid water and make the downstream purification equipment perform […]