Our company has more than 20 years of professional knowledge and maintenance technology for air compressors.
1.  We provide air compressor system and parts integration, and provides professional technical advice. We have various brands of air compressor repair and maintenance and spare parts trading around the world, for example: Fusheng, Hitachi, SWAN, ATLAS, Ingersoll Rand , Hanzhong and other air compressors.

2.  Air compressor air purification technology support, the company provides different air purification levels of technology and equipment that can purify air to an oil-free sterile level. Our customers are in automation, medical, biotechnology, food, electronics and other industries.

3. We have  a professional invention team that can develop the required filtration equipment, filters and various spare parts according to the needs of major enterprises or manufacturers. Cooperate with Taipei MRT and other companies to develop and manufacture air compressor filters that are more suitable for use in the Taiwanese environment, with remarkable effects.

4.Industrial electricity accounts for about 53% of the country’s total electricity consumption, while air compressor electricity accounts for about 10% of industrial electricity. The power consumption of the air compressor system in each plant will vary depending on the manufacturing process. Improving the operation efficiency of the air compressor, reducing leakage losses, avoiding false demands, and reducing pipeline pressure drop have become important keys for air compressor energy saving.

Effectively reducing costs, Improving production efficiency, Saving energy , Reducing carbon dioxide, and Caring for the earth are the goals we and we pursue together.