Taiwan’s first professional R&D and manufacturing plant for air compressors and vacuum three filters.
With advanced filtration technology background, rich experience and unique R&D experimental institutions, publications have a series of products such as low oil, low pressure drop, long life and good separation effect…etc.

Product Features

1. Less pressure drop: using large area, high permeability German filter material, the initial pressure difference is only 0.12BAR.

2. High compressive strength: deep and high efficiency, withstand a pressure difference of 5 BAR without breaking.

3. Extended length: The polymerization separation is fast and the flow resistance is reduced. Once the system function is normal, the service life is increased by more than 30%.

4. Good separation effect: under normal working pressure and stable flow, the residual oil amount can be controlled at 1.2mg/m3.

5. Environmental protection: Our company adopts non-plating environmental protection construction method.