MAMG Water Separator

Dolomann-MAMG Water Separator
use a special water-removing filter element to remove water droplets in the compressed air, so it can increase the moisture rate
*Cannot remove moisture (steam)
Filter replacement conditions
1. Use for 1 year
2. The pressure drop reaches 0.07MPa (the filter element should be replaced when any condition is reached)


Model MAMG35 MAMG45 MAMG55
Piping diameter code 10A 15A 15A 20A 20A 25A
Port size 3/8 1/2 1/2 3/4 3/4 1
Use fluid Air
Operating pressure range (*1) 0.05~1MPa
Stress resistant 1.5MPa
Ambient temperature -5~60°C
Filtration accuracy Water Separator(Separation rate:99%)
Accessories L-shaped bracket
Weight 870g 1450g 2250g

*The pressure is lower than 0.05MPa, can automatically drain
Use the automatic drain valve (FMRE300), the working pressure range is 0.15~1MPa

Selection table-filter unit

Model Port size Filtration accuracy Limited Flow Filter order code
MAMA35 3/8、3/4 Water Separator(Separation rate:99%) 1350 EWS-G35
MAMG45 3/4、1/2 2100 EWS-G45
MAMG55 1/2、1 3600 EWS-G55

*The rated flow rate at 0.7MPa will vary depending on the operating pressure.
Exceeding the rated flow will affect the ideal feeding rate or water separation rate.

MAMG Moisture removal rate

Inlet air condition
temperature(°C) 34.2
pressure(MPa) 0.6
Liquid water volume(g/m3) 106.8
Moisture removal rate(%) 99±1


Moisture removal rate% = amount of removed water (water droplets) g/inflowed amount of water (water droplets) g *100%
The droplet separator can remove liquid water (water droplets, etc.)
But cannot remove moisture (water vapor)